25 February, 2013

What do we mean when we talk about scorpion distribution?

Michael Warburg has recently published an article discussing what is actually meant by distribution. Does one mean geographical distribution or local distribution? Warburg introduces the terms mini-distribution, micro-distribution and macro-distribution and relates different distributional data from five species in northern Israel to these terms.

Scorpions being solitary animals are interesting in their distribution patterns. Nevertheless, the subject ofscorpion distribution has received relatively less attention than other ecological aspects of that group. It is amatter that changes continuously and moreover it is hard to define. Three different scales in distribution areintroduced here: (1) Mini- distribution which describes the presence of scorpions under a single shelter or in aburrow, within a single habitat, (2) micro-distribution describing the distribution within a single habitat, and (3) macro-distribution within different habitats. Most research in scorpion distribution concentrated on the first aspect the mini-distribution. The subject is reviewed in scorpions and discussed.

Warburg MR. Scaling distribution in scorpions. Arthropods. 2013;2(1):7-19. [Free full text]

Thanks to Gerard Dupre for sending me this article!

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