22 September, 2010

Evolution of Scorpion Genitalia - A new book chapter

Alfredo Peretti has recently authored a chapter in the book "The Evolution of Primary Sexual Characters in Animals" published by Oxford University Press. The title of the chapter is "An Ancient Indirect Sex Model: Single and Mixed Patterns in the Evolution of Scorpion Genitalia".

Information about the book can be found on the publisher's website.

Peretti AV. An Ancient Indirect Sex Model: Single and Mixed Patterns in the Evolution of Scorpion Genitalia. In: Còrdoba-Aguilar A, Leonard JL, editors. The Evolution of primary sexual characters in animals. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2010. p. 218-48.

Thanks to Dr. Peretti for sending me information about this book chapter!

21 September, 2010

A new Compsobuthus from UAE

Wilson Lourenco and co-workers have looked into some of the Compsobuthus species from the Middle East and have described a new species from United Arab Emirates:

Compsobuthus birulai Lourenco, Leguin & Duhem, 2010 (Buthidae)

A better description is presented for Compsobuthus acutecarinatus (Simon, 1882) and C. maindroni (Kraepelin, 1900). The distribution of C. acutecarinatus is confined to Yemen and parts of Oman and previous reported findings from Africa are probably misidentifications. Compsobuthus maindroni is limited to Oman and parts om UAE. Previous proposed distribution on East Africa is probably based on misidentifications.

Two species of the genus Compsobuthus Vachon, 1949, C. acutecarinatus (Simon) and C. maindroni (Kraepelin), have been the subject of several publications in the last three decades. Nevertheless, same doubts remain about their precise identity and range of geographic distribution. We give here precise re-diagnoses in the light of the type material now clearly identified. The holotype at C. acutecarinatus is properly illustrated and measured. A lectotype is designated for C. maindroni, from the large syntype series. A new species of Compsobuthus is also described from United Arab Emirates.

Lourenço WR, Leguin EA, Duhem B. Notes on the type material of Compsobuthus acutecarinatus (Simon, 1882) and C. maindroni (Kraepelin, 1900), and description of a new species from United Arab Emirates. Zoology in the Middle East. 2010;50:119-26.

Family Buthidae

15 September, 2010

A Centruroides eating a terrestrial mollusc

Giraldo Alayon Gracia and Luis de Armas have published a short note with an observation of a specimen of Centruroides nitidus (Thorell, 1876) (Buthidae) preying on a terrestrial mollusc of the species Liguus virgineus (Linnaeus, 1767).

A similar observation have been published from South Africa (Opisthophthalmus carinatus), and this new observation confirms that scorpions are indeed predators that will catch a lot of different prey types.

A young specimen of the terrestrial mollusc Liguus virgineus (Linnaeus, 1767) was preyed upon by the buthid scorpion Centruroldes nitidus (Thorell, 1876). The field observation took place in the municipality of Banica, Elias Pitia province, Dominican Republic.

Garcia GA, de Armas LF. Liguus virgineus (Gastropoda: Orthalicidae) depredado por Centruroides nitidus (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Boletin de la SEA. 2010(46):394.

Contribution to the knowledge of Tityus obturus from Puerto Rico

Rolando Teruel and Alejandro Sanchez have published a paper where they present important information on the taxonomy of Tityus obturus (Karsch, 1879) (Buthidae), an endemic scorpion from Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, I do not read Spanish so this message is based on the English abstract.

In the present paper, important information on the taxonomy, morphological variability, eoology and geographical distribution of Tityus obtusus (Karsch, 1879) is presented. This scorpion is defines as endemic from, and widely distributed in Puerto Rico, including Vieques Island (first record). Furthermore, some aspects of the systematics of this species are briefly discussed.

Teruel R, Sanchez AJ. Contribucion al conocimiento de Centruroides obtusus (Karsch 1879), escorpion endemico de Puerto Rico (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Boletin de la SEA. 2010(46):467-73.

Family Buthidae

10 September, 2010

Observations on newborn Opisthacanthus maculatus from Madagascar

Luc Ross has published a study on the post-birth behavior of newborn Opisthacanthus maculatus Lourenco & Goodman, 2006 (Hemiscorpiidae).

Observational data on the early development and post-birth behavior of a single litter of the Malagasy endemic scorpion, Opisthacanthus maculatus Lourenço & Goodman, 2006 (Liochelidae) is reported for the first time. A single female gave birth to a litter of 11 offspring during a 10 hour period of parturition. The young
molted to the second-instar within a 14 day period. After an additional 10—12 day period, the young dispersed from the maternal female. This is the first report of post-birth behavior for a Malagasy endemic Opisthacanthus species.

Ross LK. Observations on newborn Opisthacanthus maculatus Lourenco & Goodman, 2006 (Scorpiones, Liochelidae) from Madagascar. Revista Iberica de Arachnologia. 2010;18:123-7.

Family Hemiscorpiidae