26 April, 2011

A new Vaejovis from USA

David Sissom has published a new Vaejovis (Vaejovidae) from new Mexico, USA:

Vaejovis bigelowi Sissom, 2011

Vaejovis bigelowi, a new species of the scorpion family Vaejovidae, is described from the northern portion of the Peloncillo Mountains in southwestern New Mexico. The new species is most closely related to V. jonesi Stahnke, 1940 from which it may be distinguished by morphometries and carination of the metasoma.

Sissom WD. A new species of the genus Vaejovis from Southwestern New Mexico (Arachnida: Scorpiones: Vaejovidae). Southwestern Entomologist. 2011;36(1):85-90.

Thanks to David Sissom, Kari McWest and Michael Soleglad for all sending me this paper!

Family Vaejovidae

06 April, 2011

A new Butheoloides species from Morocco

Wilson Lourenco and co-workers have described a new species of Butheoloides Hirst, 1925 (Buthidae) from Morocco.

Butheoloides littoralis Lourenco, Touloun & Boumezzough, 2011

A new species belonging to the genus Butheoloides Hirst, 1925 (subgenus Butheoloides Hirst, 1925) (Scorpiones, Buthidae) is described from two localities in Morocco: north of Sidi Ifni in the southern coast and Sidi Moussa west of Tiznit. With the description of Butheoloides (Butheoloides) littoralis sp. n., the total number of species of this genus known from Morocco is raised to five. This makes Morocco the region in Africa with the highest diversity for Butheoloides species.

Lourenco WR, Touloun O, Boumezzough A. The genus Butheoloides Hirst, 1925 (Scorpiones, Buthidae) in Morocco, with a descritpion of a new species. Euscorpius. 2011(113):1-7. [Free fulltext]

Family Buthidae

05 April, 2011

Nine new anatomy picture collections in SF

Leonard Georg has done it again and contributed with several new detailed anatomy pictures collections to The scorpion Files:

Androctonus crassicauda
Androctonus mauritanicus
Hottentotta salei
Rhopalurus junceus
Rhopalurus pintoi
Uroplectes olivaceus

Optistophthalmus carinatus

Opistophthalmus wahlbergii
Scorpio maurus fuscus

A big thanks to Leonard for sharing these great pictures with us!!

01 April, 2011

A new Chaerilus fra Vietnam

Wilson Lourenco has described a new species in the genus Chaerilus Simon, 1877 (Chaerilidae) from Vietnam.

Chaerilus julietteae Lourenco, 2011

The article also suggest a species group division of the genus into the variegatus species-group and the truncatus species-group.

Chaerilus julietteae sp.n.is described from a coastal massif of southernVietnam. The new species is totally distinct morphologically from Chaerilus petrzelkai Kovarik, also described from the SouthVietnam: it shows more affinities with Chaerilus pictus (Pocock,1890), described from Bangladesh. An attempt to divide the genus Chaerilus into species-groups is also proposed.

Lourenço WR. The genus Chaerilus Simon, 1877 (Scorpiones, Chaerilidae) in Vietnam; description of a new species with comments on possible species-groups. Comptes Rendus Biologies. 2011;In Press. [Subscritpion required for fulltext]

Family Chaerilidae