29 January, 2015

New Vaejovis species from Arizona, USA

Richard Ayrey and Michael Soleglad have described another new species of Vaejovis Thorell, 1876 (Vaejovidae) from southern Arizona, USA.

Vaejovis troupi Ayrey & Soleglad, 2015

A new scorpion species, Vaejovis troupi sp. n., is described and placed in the “vorhiesi” group of the genus Vaejovis. Based on a recent molecular analysis of Bryson et al. (2013), this species is shown to be related to V. vorhiesi and V. grahami. Two of three diagnostic characters found in this new species are the presence of six inner denticles (ID) on the pedipalpal fixed and movable fingers, and a unique arrangement of trichobothria on the external surface of the pedipalp patella. This species was found in an isolated montane habitat in the Whetstone Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona.

Ayrey RF, Soleglad ME. New species of Vaejovis from the Whetstone Mountains, southern Arizona (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae). Euscorpius. 2015 (194):1-12. [Open Access]

Family Vaejovidae

07 January, 2015

Three new species and a revision of the Ecuadorian species of Hadruroides

Andrea Rossi has recently published a revision of the mainland species of Hadruroides Pocock, 1893 (Caraboctonidae) in Ecuador. Three new species have been described:

Hadruroides doriai Rossi, 2014
Hadruroides elenae Rossi, 2014
Hadruroides moreti Rossi, 2014

An identification key for mainland species in the genus in Ecuador is presented.

The species of the genus Hadruroides Pocock, 1893 in Ecuador mainland are revised. Three new species related to H. maculatus (Thorell, 1876) are described: H. dorai, H. elenae and H. moreti. The genus Hadruroides is split into two subgenera: the nominal subgenus includes now only one species, H. charcasus (Karsch, 1879), whereas Lourencoides n. subgen. includes all other known species. A new record of H. charcasus in Ecuador is reported. The total number of Hadruroides species in Ecuador mainland is now raised to six and an identification key is given.

Rossi A. A revision of the genus Hadruroides Pocock, 1893 in Ecuador mainland with the description of three new species, the definition of a new subgenus and a new record. Estratto Dagli Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale "G Doria". 2014;106:193-210.

Thanks to Andrea Rossi for sending me this article!

Family Caraboctonidae

06 January, 2015

A new Euscorpius species from Northwestern Greece

Happy New Year!

Frantisek Kovarik, Victor Fet and Michael Soleglad published a new Euscorpius Thorell, 1876 (Euscorpiidae) from Northwestern Greece this Christmas.

Euscorpius yagmuri Kovarik, Fet & Soleglad, 2014

A new species Euscorpius yagmuri sp. n., is described from coastal Epirus in northwestern Greece based on morphological evidence. With this new species, the fauna of Euscorpius of Greece now includes 19 species.

Kovarik F, Fet V, Soleglad ME. Euscorpius yagmuri sp. n., a new scorpion species from Epirus, Northwestern Greece (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae). Euscorpius. 2014 (193):1-11. [Free full text]

Family Euscorpiidae