07 February, 2013

Scorpions found in the Hainan Island, China

Zhi-Young Di and several co-workers have published a paper about the scorpion fauna of the Chinese island of Hainan. An identification key for the species on the island is provided:

The redescriptions and illustrations of three species, Isometrus (Isometrus) maculatus (DeGeer, 1778), Lychas mucronatus (Fabricius, 1798) (Buthidae), and Liocheles australasiae (Fabricius, 1775) (Hemiscorpiidae) from Hainan Island, China are presented. Distribution data and updated key of Hainan scorpions are provided.

Di Z-Y, Cao Z-J, Wu Y-L, Zhu L, Liu H, Li W-X. The scorpions of Hainan Island, China (Arachnida: Scorpiones). Euscorpius. 2013 (153):1-22. [Free full text]

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