05 February, 2013

A review on plants used to treat scorpion stings

Gerard Dupre has recently published a review article summing up the knowledge about the use of plants in the treatment of scorpion envenomations around the world. Dupre lists no less than 721 different plant species that are in use or have been used for scorpion stings. India tops the list with 266 species.

I will not start a discussion here about the effects of plants on scorpion stings. It is important to seek medical attention in serious envenomation cases (if possible). I will not rule out, though, that some of these plants probably have more or less effects on some or all symptoms from a scorpion sting. Many drugs have their origin from traditional medicine and it is possible that a potential valuable treatment for scorpion sting may be hidden within one of the plant species listed in Dupre's paper.

Until today the treatment of scorpion stings by means of plants occupies a significant place in traditional medicine, and in spite the emergence of modern medicine, people have kept on using plants, as the knowledge of which has been passed over centuries from one generation to the next as Ayurvedic medicine shows.

Dupre G. New synthesis on plants used to treat scorpion stings. American Journal of Pharmtech Research. 2013;3(1):175-225. [Free full text, but you have to browse down to article number 14]

Thanks to Gerard Dupre for sending me his paper!

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