29 January, 2021

The Scorpion files will host an online archive for the journal Arachnides


Many of you will know about the journal Arachnides that has published scientific and scholarly articles about scorpions and other arachnids for many years. Issue 100 was published recently and in connection with this anniversary I can announce that in agreement with journal editor Gerard Dupre, The scorpion Files will host a full text archives for the journal. 

Arachnides Full Text Archive

Unfortunately, older issues are not available electronically and the archive starts with issue 54 (2008).

The anniversary issue includes a checklist of scorpions’ taxa 1758-2020 written by Gerard Dupre. I expect that this list may deviate for a few taxa from The scorpion Files for different reasons. As correctly mentioned by Gerard, some taxa are not acknowledged by the entire community of authors and Gerard and I may treat these differently. Both of us are also dependent on getting information about new taxonomical papers, especially those published in minor and less known journals. We have tried to help each other keeping updated for many years, but we may miss things. I will of course go through Gerard's checklist and compare it to The Scorpion Files in the time to come.

Finally, I would like to thank Nicolas Machiavel for regularly sending me lists of errors in The scorpion Files! His efforts have greatly improved the species lists.

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