08 January, 2021

New localities for Aegaeobuthus cyprius in Cyprus


Cyprus has two endemic species (in addition to Euscorpius italicus (Herbst, 1800) which probably is introduced):  A. cyprius (Gantenbein & Kropf, 2000) and Buthus kunti Yagmur, Koc & Lourenço, 2011 (both Buthidae). Ersen Yagmur and co-workers have recently published an article with new localities for Aegaeobuthus cyprius on Cyprus.

I can add some personal data to this post. It seems that Aegaeobuthus cyprius regularly are in contact with humans on the island (entering houses, gardens, in swimming pools etc.). I have collected between 40-50 cases between 2013 and today. These data was supposed to be published together with a researchers that was interested, but unfortunately I never heard from him again after sending the data. Hopefully, these are not published without my knowledge. Regardless, I have a lot of data if anyone is interested in writing a paper :)

In this work, new locality records for the species Aegaeobuthus cyprius (Gantenbein & Kropf, 2000) are given in Cyprus.

Yagmur EA, Hadjiconstantis M, Gücel S. New localities for Aegaeobuthus cyprius (Gantenbein & Kropf, 2000) in Cyprus (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Serket. 2020;17(3):183-7. [Open Access]

 Thanks to Ersen for sending me their article!

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