05 June, 2024

Another case of regeneration of body parts in scorpions


Morphological anomalies in scorpions are well known. Some are inborne teratologies, others are caused by a failed molting process or due to accidents from predators attacks and similar. Scorpions can survive the loss of or damages to some of the appendages, but loss of the last part of the tail will usually cause death after a certain time as the anal organs are gone and the scorpion will die of constipation. 

Lost or damaged appendages can be regenerated completely or partly in scorpions during future molts. Ersen Yagmur and co-workers have recently published a case of regeneration of a part of the pedipalp in Scorpio kruglovi Birula, 1910.

A new case of pedipalp regeneration is described and illustrated in a subadult female of Scorpio kruglovi Birula, 1910. A small, regenerated part of chela is observed on the anterior aspect of a normally developed right patella. This is the second published case of pedipalp regeneration.

Yağmur EA, Kılıç MS, Güneş E. A new case of pedipalp regeneration in Scorpio kruglovi Birula, 1910 (Scorpiones: Scorpionidae). Euscorpius. 2024;2024(390):1-3. [Open Access]


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