08 September, 2022

Two new Euscorpius species from Greek islands


Gioele Tropea and co-workers are continuing the never ending quest to unravel all the secrets of the Euscorpius Thorell, 1876 (Euscorpiidae) populations of Europe. In a recent article they describe two new species from the islands Skyros and Andros in Greece.

Euscorpius simaiakisi Tropea, Fet, Parmakelis & Stathi, 2022 (Andros Island, Greece)

Euscorpius triantisi Tropea, Fet, Parmakelis & Stathi, 2022 (Skyros Island, Greece)

Two new scorpion species are described from Skyros and Andros Islands (Greece), Euscorpius triantisi sp. n. and E. simaiakisi sp. n. respectively, based on morphological and molecular evidence. Identity and level of divergence of these taxa are confirmed by a phylogeny based on multiple DNA markers (Parmakelis et al., 2013 b). Euscorpius triantisi sp. n. forms a sister clade to E. mylonasi Fet et al., 2014 from Euboea; the new species is characterized primarily by higher trichobothrial numbers (Pv = 8 and Pe-et = 6). E. simaiakisi sp. n. forms a sister clade to E. kritscheri Fet et al., 2013 from Tinos; the new species is primarily characterized by lower trichobothrial numbers (Pv = 7 and Pe-et = 5).

Tropea G, Fet V, Parmakelis A, Stathi I. Two new species of Еuscorpius (Scorpiones, Euscorpiidae) from Skyros and Andros islands, Greece. Zoodiversity. 2022;56(4):307-22. [Open Access]

Thanks to Gioele for sending me their article!

Family Euscorpiidae

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