25 May, 2021

A new species in the rare genus Somalibuthus from Kenya


Some genera are monotypic and very rare. Somalibuthus Kovarik, 1998 (Buthidae) is an example of this and no specimens have been found since the genus' description based on a few specimens collected in 1971 and 1973 in a coastal dune system in southern Somalia. Until now.

Kovarik and Njoroge have recently published an article describing a new species from Kiwayu Island, Kenya.

Somalibuthus sabae Kovarik & Njoroge, 2021

The poorly known buthid genus Somalibuthus Kovařík, 1998, is recorded for the first time from Kenya, with the description of a new species, S. sabae sp. n., from Kiwayu Island in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve. Based on a detailed study of the new materials, a revised diagnosis is given for the genus. Several generic characters suggest affinities with three other genera of small buthids found in the Horn of Africa: Neobuthus Hirst, 1911, Gint Kovařík, Lowe, Plíšková et Šťáhlavský, 2013, and Lanzatus Kovařík, 1998.

Kovarik F, Njoroge L. Somalibuthus sabae sp. n., a new buthid scorpion from Kenya (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Euscorpius. 2021(332):1-19. [Open Access]

Family Buthidae

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