02 April, 2021

A new species of Vaejovis from Mexico


Gerardo Contreras-Félix and Oscar Francke have recently published a new species of Vaejovis C.L. Koch, 1836 (Vaejovidae) from the State of Guerrero in Mexico.

Vaejovis mendozai Contreras-Félix & Francke, 2021

We describe a new species of Vaejovis C.L. Koch from a forest of pine (Pinus Linnaeus) and oak (Quercus Linnaeus) in the State of Guerrero in Mexico. In addition, the lateral aculear serration (LAS) was examined during the life of several specimens from the species, showing gradual deterioration, ending with complete loss of the structure before the adult stage. Phylogenetic and taxonomic implications of the new findings were discussed, both for the family and for the genus.

Contreras-Félix GA, Francke O. New Species of Vaejovis CL Koch, 1836 (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae) with Comments on Lateral Aculear Serrations. Southwestern Entomologist. 2021;46(1):197-210. [Subscription required for full text]

Thanks to Gerard Dupre for informing me about this article!

Family Vaejovidae

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