11 March, 2021

Scorpions from the state of Acre, southwestern Brazilian Amazon


Mapping the biodiversity of scorpions in different areas is very important for several reasons. One obvious reason is off course to learn the effects of climate changes and habitat destruction. Andre Felipe de Araujo Lira and co-workers have recently published a research note on the scorpion population the state of
Acre, southwestern Brazilian Amazon.

Although Brazil has one of the highest scorpion diversities worldwide, the scorpion fauna of the Amazon region remains relatively poorly described. In this study, we updated the list of scorpion species from the state of Acre, in the southwestern Brazilian Amazon, based on a revision of records contained in Brazilian arachnid collections and a survey of the relevant literature. We recorded the occurrence of seven scorpion species belonging to two families (Buthidae and Chactidae) among which we report three new records (Ananteris sp., Tityus (Tityus) gasci, and Chactopsis cf. insignis) for Acre. The results presented herein make an important contribution to the knowledge on scorpion diversity in the Amazonian forests of Acre.

Lira AFdA, Guilherme E, Souza MBd, Carvalho LS. Scorpions (Arachnida, Scorpiones) from the state of Acre, southwestern Brazilian Amazon. Acta Amazonica. 2021;51(1):58-62. [Open Access]

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