06 November, 2019

A new species of Centruroides from Mexico

Edmundo Gonzalez-Santillan and co-workers have recently published a new species of Centruroides Marx, 1890 (Buthidae) from Colima, Mexico.

Centruroides possanii Gonzalez-Santillan, Galan-Sanchez & Valdez-Velazquez, 2019

As part of an ongoing survey of scorpion diversity in Colima, Mexico, the isolated mountain Cerro Grande, part of the Biosphere Reserve Sierra de Manantla´ n, was investigated. Centruroides possanii sp. nov., the fifth species of the genus from the state, was discovered during fieldwork in the massif and is described in the present paper. Physiographical and climatic features of Cerro Grande may restrict the range of this new species; thus, we hypothesized that it may be a microendemic species that requires priority conservation. The new species is not assigned to any Centruroides species group recognized because some of its morphological features do not fit the current diagnosis of any of these groups, and these different groups are non-monophyletic and consequently ill-diagnosed. The new species is profusely illustrated, particularly the hemispermatophore. A distribution map is presented along with the other two more common species distributed in Colima. Because only indirect data on the potency of its venom is available, the medical importance of this new species described here is yet to be known.

Gonzalez-Santillan E, Galan-Sanchez MA, Valdez-Velazquez LL. A new species of Centruroides (Scorpiones, Buthidae) from Colima, Mexico. C R Biol. 2019. Available online 31.10.19. [Subscription required for full text]

Family Buthidae

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