27 September, 2012

New genus and species from Cuba

Cryptoiclus rodriguezi Teruel & Kovarik, 2012 female from Cuba. Photo: Rolando Teruel (C)

I just got my hands on Kovarik and Teruel's wonderful book "Scorpions of Cuba", previously mentioned in this blog. This is a very informative book covering all known scorpions described from Cuba (with color pictures of all species and many habitat pictures too), but a new genus and couple of new species was also discovered by the authors while researching for the book:


Cryptoiclus Teruel &Kovarik, 2012 - A new genus endemic for eastern Cuba.
Cryptoiclus rodriguezi Teruel & Kovarik, 2012 - Only known species in the genus.

Cryptoiclus seems to be a very rare taxa. Only four specimens have been collected during 25 years of intensive searching.


Microtityus pusillus Teruel & Kovarik, 2012 (new species)
Microtityus flaviscens Teruel, 2001 (new status - previously M. fundorai flaviscens Teruel, 2001)

You will find updated identification keys to all scorpion taxa known so far from Cuba.

The "Scorpions of Cuba" book is a must for all scorpion researchers and enthusiasts interested in the scorpion fauna of Cuba, Caribbean and Central America!

Teruel R, Kovarik F. Scorpions of Cuba. Jakub Rolcik - Clarion Production; 2012. ISBN 978-80-904340-1-1.

Thanks to Rolando Teruel for sharing a picture of the new species Cryptoiclus rodriguezi!

Family Scorpionidae
Family Buthidae

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