02 September, 2011

Tityus ythieri lives and more on its biology

Tityus ythieri Lourenco, 2007 (Buthidae) was synonymized with T. magnimanus Pocock, 1897 in 2009 by Kovarik et al. Eric Ythier has revoked the decision by Kovarik et al. based on the fact that they didn't use the real T. ytheri in their study. See paper for more details.

In the current paper, Ythier also presents new data on the biology and reproduction of Tityus ythieri. This species only occurs in Ecuador.

Biological notes on the life cycle of Tityus ythieri Lourenço, 2007 were provided with the description of the species. Additional biological data on the postembryonic development of T. ythieri are described in the present paper.

Ythier E. Additional biological data on Tityus ythieri Lourenço, 2007. Le bulletin d’Arthropoda. 2011(44):3-7.

Thanks to Eric for sending me this paper!

Family Buthidae

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