04 August, 2011

A new Buthus from Morocco

Touloun & Boumezzough have described a new species of Buthus Leach, 1815 (Buthidae) from Morocco:

Buthus boumalenii Touloun & Boumezzough, 2011

A new species of the genus Buthus Leach, 1815 (Scorpiones, Buthidae) belonging to the "Buthus occitanus” complex is described from the region of Boumalene in Morocco. The description of Buthus boumalenii sp. n. raises the total number of Buthus species known from Morocco to fourteen and confirms that this complex is an isolated group of species, "the Atlas group".

Touloun O, Boumezzough A. Une nouvelle espece du genre Buthus Leach, 1815 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) du Maroc. Boletin de la SEA. 2011(48):183-7.

Family Buthidae

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