26 July, 2011

A new species of Hemiscorpius from Somalia

The medical important genus Hemiscorpius Peters, 1861 (Hemiscorpiidae) is mostly known (and infamous) from the Middle East, but this genus is also represented in East Africa. Wilson Lourenco has now described a new species in the genus from Somalia.

Hemiscorpius somalicus Lourenco, 2011

New considerations are proposed about the species of Hemiscorpius Peters, 1861 reported from East Africa. Hemiscorpius tellinii Borelli, 1904 is accepted as a valid species, distinct from Hemiscorpius socotranus Pocock, 1899. This last species most certainly represents an endemic element to the Island of Socotra and its presence in Somalia requires further investigation. One new species, Hemiscorpius somalicus sp. n., is described from the region of Meleden in northeast Somalia. The total number of species in the genus Hemiscorpius is now raised to 12.

Lourenco WR. The genus Hemiscorpius Peters, 1861 (Scorpiones: Hemiscorpiidae) in East Africa, and description of a new species from Somalia. Entomol Mitt Zool Mus Hamburg. 2011;15(185):275-85.

Thanks to Professor Lourenco for sending me this paper!

Family Hemiscorpiidae

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