01 October, 2010

New Vaejovis from Mexico

Matthew Graham and Robert Bryson Jr. have described a new species of Vaejovis from the Sierra Madre Occidental, Meixco in the latest issue of Journal of Arachnology:

Vaejovis montanus Graham & Bryson, 2010 (Vaejovidae)

A new species of montane scorpion is described from the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico. The species is morphologically similar to scorpions distributed throughout the ‘‘sky island’’ region of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico and is a member of the ‘‘vorhiesi’’ subgroup of the Vaejovis ‘‘mexicanus’’ group. The morphology of the new species is compared to that of ‘‘vorhiesi’’ subgroup taxa, and biogeographic hypotheses about the diversification of this group are provided.

Graham MR, Bryson Jr RW. Vaejovis montanus (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae), a new species from the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico. Journal of Arachnology. 2010;38(2):285-93. [Fulltext not yet available on the homepage]

Family Vaejovidae

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