20 February, 2009

The trichobothrial pattern of Iurus

Soleglad, Kovarik & Fet (2009) has recently published a major investigation of the trichobothrial patterns of the European genus Iurus (Iuridae). See abstract and free fulltext for more details.


A unique orthobothriotaxic pattern of family Iuridae is examined and illustrated. Significant positional differences in this pattern between two monotypic iurid genera, Calchas and Iurus, are presented. With the analysis of over 100 specimens of genus Iurus, representing many localities in Greece and Turkey, several unique occurrences of neobothriotaxy involving both the chela and patella are discussed and illustrated, representing the first report of neobothriotaxy in family Iuridae.

Soleglad ME, Kovarik F, Fet V. Etudes on iurids, I. The orthobothriotaxic pattern of Iuridae, with observations on neobothriotaxy in genus Iurus (Scorpiones: Iuroidea). Euscorpius. 2009(79):1-21. [Free fulltext]

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