15 August, 2008

How to keep Australian scorpions

Mark Newton, the editor of the great Aussi scorpion site, The spiral Burrow, has published a book about Aussi scorpions and their husbandery.

In addition to information about how to keep Aussi scorpions, the book also has a lot of general information about scorpions and their biology. The book has several color plates. ISBN number is 978-0-9804161-0-7.

I haven't received the book yet, but based on the information and previews on the book's promo page and my previous experiences with the author, I'm convinced that this will be a very interesting and informative book.

Australian scorpions are rarely available outside Australia due to the country's strict policy on animal exports, and this book is a great opportunity to get an insight into the scorpion fauna of Australia.

The book can be ordered from the book's promo page. PayPal payment is possible.

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