12 March, 2009

A review of the cave scorpions of Mexico and USA

I have posted a couple of messages this week about new cave dwelling scorpions, and here is another one. David Sissom and James Reddell (2009) has published a very interesting review of the cave scorpions of Mexico and USA.

Scorpions inhabiting caves are not common, but interestingly the vast majority of troglobitic scorpions are known from the New World. Sissom & Reddell list all species reported from caves or cave-like habitats in North America and comment on wethere these are true trglobites/ troglophiles or accidental cave visitors.

Scorpions reported from caves in Mexico and the United States are reviewed. New records are included for: Centruroides gracilis, C. vittatus, Troglocormus willis, Alacran tartarus, Pseudouroctonus apacheanus, P. reddelli, Uroctonites sequoia, Serradigitus gertschi striatus, S. wupatkiensis, Vaejovis carolinianus, V. chisos, V. intermedius, V. nigrescens, and V. rossmani.

Sissom WD, Reddell JR. Cave scorpions of Mexico and The United States. Texas Memorial Museum Speleological Monographs, 7 Studies on the cave and endogean fauna of North America, V. 2009:19-32.

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