24 March, 2009

Gershom Levy - RIP

I'm sorry to announce the recent death of the leading arachnologist Dr. Gershom Levy (1937-2009). Dr. Levy was an expert on spiders and scorpions from Israel and nearby areas.

Together with P. Amitai, Dr. Levy authored the important monography on scorpions of Israel and Palestina (published in 1980 in Fauna Palaestina), which is still an important source of information for the scorpions of the region. Among more recent work, Dr. Levy was the one who described the enigmatic new, troglobitic scorpion found in a cave system in Israel in 2007 (Akrav israchanani Levy, 2007, family Akravidae).

Jan Ove Rein
Editor of The Scorpion Files

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