11 March, 2009

New troglomorphic leaf litter scorpion from Colombia

Ricardo Botero-Trujillo and Oscar Francke have recently published a paper on an enigmatic new troglomorphic scorpion from Colombia:

Troglotayosicus humiculum Botero-Trujillo & Francke, 2009 (Troglotayosicidae)

This scorpion is found in leaf litter in a montanous area in La Planada Natural Reserve, and is not a cave dweller. It has troglomorphies like reduces and eyes and pigmentation. See Volschenk & Prendini (2008) for more information on trglobitic scorpions.

Troglotayosicus humiculum, n. sp., is described from a
specimen collected by Winkler trap in La Planada Natural Reserve,
Nariño Department, southwestern Colombia. With this description,
both the number of described species and known specimens in the
genus is raised to two. The new species was collected from leaf
litter, rather than inside a cave as was the only other known species,
Troglotayosicus vachoni Lourenço, 1981; and differs from it
particularly in the arrangement of the ventral setae of the telotarsi
and the metasomal carination. This finding represents the first record
of the family and genus from Colombia, and it is the first
troglomorphic leaf litter scorpion reported from South America.

Thanks to the authors for sending me this paper!

Botero-Trujillo R, Francke OF. A new species of troglomorphic leaf litter scorpion from Colombia belonging to the genus Troglotayosicus (Scorpiones: Troglotayosicidae). Texas Memorial Museum Speleological Monographs, 7 Studies on the cave and endogean fauna of North America, V. 2009:1-10. [Free fulltext]

Family Troglotayosicidae

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