12 March, 2009

A new Scorpiops species from China

Di & Zhu (2009) has described a new species of Scorpiops (Euscorpiidae) from Xizang in China:

Scorpiops lhasa Di & Zhu, 2009 (Euscorpiidae)

This small Scorpiops were found under stones on steep hillsides.

Scorpiops lhasa sp. n., from China Xizang (Lhasa) is described. S. lhasa is small in size with respect to other species in the genus; external trichobothria on the patella number 17 (5 eb, 2 esb, 2 em, 4 est, 4 et) and ventral trichobothria on the patella number 10 (11 rarely); pedipalp fingers in both sexes are curved; chela narrow and elongated, the ratio between length and width is above 2.6.

Di Z-Y, Zhu M-S. One new species of the genus Scorpiops Peters, 1861 (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae, Scorpiopinae) from Xizang, China. Zootaxa. 2009(2030):39-48. [Subscription required for fulltext]

Family Euscorpiidae

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