22 July, 2020

Six new species of Orthochirus from Iran

As a part of an ongoing field study of the scorpion fauna of Iran, Frantisek Kovarik and Shahrokh Navidpour has publish and article describing six new species of Orthochirus Karsch, 1891 (Buthidae) from Iran.

Orthochirus hormozganensis Kovarik & Navidpour, 2020

Orthochirus kermanensis Kovarik & Navidpour, 2020

Orthochirus kucerai Kovarik & Navidpour, 2020 

Orthochirus masihipouri Kovarik & Navidpour, 2020

Orthochirus semnanensis Kovarik & Navidpour, 2020 

Orthochirus vignolii Kovarik & Navidpour, 2020

The article provides several color pictures of the new taxa and their habitat.  An identification key for the genus Orthochirus in Iran, Iraq and Turkey is also provided.

Six new scorpion species from Iran, Orthochirus hormozganensis sp. n. (Hormozgan Province), O. kermanensis sp. n. (Kerman Province), O. kucerai sp. n. (Kerman Province), O. masihipouri sp. n. (Bushehr Province), O. semnanensis sp. n. (Semnan Province), and O. vignolii sp. n. (Yazd Province) are described, compared with other Iranian Orthochirus species, and fully illustrated with color photographs. A key and a distribution map of Orthochirus of Iran, Turkey, and Iraq (18 species) are included.

Kovarik F, Navidpour S. Six new species of Orthochirus Karsch, 1892 from Iran (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Euscorpius. 2020(312):1-42. [Open Access]

Family Buthidae

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