27 July, 2020

A review of scorpion predators in Cuba

Tomás M. Rodríguez-Cabrera and co-workers have studied instances of predation involving Cuban scorpions from various localities around the island and have compiled a review of all predators reported for scorpions in Cuba in a recently published article.

The ecology of Cuban scorpions is very insufficiently studied and the scarce existing information on their natural enemies is dispersed in the literature. However, scorpions in general are well known to play an important role both as predators and prey in natural ecosystems. Herein we present new instances of predation on different species of scorpions in Cuba, and a review on the topic.

Rodríguez-Cabrera TM, Teruel R, Savall EM. Scorpion predation in Cuba: new cases and a review. Euscorpius. 2020(306):1-7. [Open Access]

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