31 July, 2020

A new scorpion book is available

Dutch scorpion enthusiast Jeroen Kooijman has previously authored a scorpion book written in Dutch. Now an English version is available. Kooijman is an experienced scorpion enthusiast that has been keeping and breeding scorpions for more than 20 years. He has also given lectures, courses and more about scorpions in The Netherlands for many years.

The book covers most aspects of scorpion biology and useful information for keeping scorpions in captivity. The book is illustrated with many color pictures. The book will be useful both for the captive care enthusiast and those who want to learn more about scorpions in general.

The book is published by the Dutch Scorpion Society and can be ordered from info@schorpioen.org.

Thanks to Jeroen for sending me a copy of the book!

Kooijman J. Scorpions: Nederlandse Schorpionenvereniging; 2020.

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Mansur AL-Fahad said...

A good addition to the Scorpions Library, but what are the news about the third vol of the illustrated catalog of scorpions of world ? after a strong start in two vols the project unfortunately stopped !!