07 March, 2017

The true taxonomic identity of Centruroides tenuis from Hispaniola, Greater Antilles

The title is "stolen" from a recent paper by Rolando Teruel. In this, paper the taxonomic status of Centruroides tenuis Thorell, 1876 and Centruroides zayasi Armas, 1976 from the Caribbean is investigated. The conclusion is that C. tenuis is a valid species and that C. zayasi is a junior synonym of the former.

The precise taxonomic identity of two taxa, Centruroides tenuis (Thorell, 1876) and Centruroides zayasi Armas, 1976, which has been the subject of prolonged controversy, is finally clarified. The study of three syntypes of the first taxon and the holotype of the second taxon has revealed that the syntypes correspond to two species which are the second taxon’s potential junior synonyms, Centruroides marcanoi Armas, 1981 and C. zayasi. One of the syntypes, the best preserved female adult, is here designated as the lectotype of C. tenuis. Consequently, the following nomenclatural change is proposed: Centrurus tenuis Thorell, 1876 = Centruroides zayasi Armas, 1976, syn. nov.

Teruel R. The true taxonomic identity of Centruroides tenuis (Thorell, 1876) and Centruroides zayasi Armas, 1976 (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Revista Iberica de Arachnologia. 2016(29):91-3. [Subscription required for full text]

Thanks to Rolando for sending me his article!

Family Buthidae


julia-euphorinae said...

Does it say in the paper where the type material of C. tenuis is located?
Since C. tenuis was syn. to C. nitidus in 1891 by Kraeplin. C. nitidus typematerial is in Stockholm museum and no one has studied that material. Does the paper even mention these types or the synonymization?

Jan Ove Rein (editor) said...

Hi! This is discussed. Send me an email with your email adress and I will send you the paper. You can also email Rolando (the author) directly for more info using rteruel@bioeco.cu.