28 March, 2017

An update on the scorpion fauna of Kerala, India

Information about the scorpion fauna is important and we still have a lot of undiscovered taxa or populations in many areas of the world. Aswathi & Sureshan recently published the results of a survey of the scorpion fauna of Kerala, India, also including a checklist and an identification key for the taxa in this region.

Two species of scorpions (Arachnida: Scorpiones) Lychas laevifrons (Pocock), and Heterometrus flavimanus (Pocock) are reported for the first time from Kerala, and an illustrated key to the genera and checklist of scorpion species of Kerala are provided. Currently, 22 species belonging to nine genera of scorpions are known from the state.

Aswathi K, Sureshan PM. Additions to the scorpion fauna (Arachnida: Scorpiones) of Kerala, India, with an illustrated key to the genera. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 2017;9(2):9844–50. [Open Access]

Thanks to Dr. Aswathi for sending me their article!

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