21 March, 2017

A checklist of the scorpion fauna of Vietnam

Dinh-Sac Pham and co-workers have recently published an updated checklist of the scorpion fauna of Vietnam.

A faunistic inventory is proposed for the known Vietnamese scorpion species. The aim of this contribution is to bring an up-to-date checklist of all known species in Vietnam, prior to a more detailed study of the Vietnamese fauna to be performed by one of the authors (T.- H.T.) in the context of the preparation of a doctoral degree. Final taxonomic decisions should be taken at the end of the doctoral dissertation.

Pham DS, Tran TH, Lourenco WR. Diversity and endemicity in the scorpion fauna of Vietnam. A preliminary synopsis. C R Biol. 2017;340(2):132-7. [Open Access]

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