05 February, 2016

An analysis of the genus Uroplectes in Ethiopia

Frantisek Kovarik and co-workers have recently published an article discussing the status of Uroplectes Peters, 1861 and Uroplectoides Lourenco, 1998 (Buthidae) in Ethiopia. Based on new analysis and new materials, the following main conclusions have been made:

Uroplectoides Lourenco, 1998 is synonymized with Uroplectes Peters, 1861.

Uroplectoides abyssinicus Lourenco, 1998 is synonymized with Uroplectes fischeri (Karsch, 1879).

Uroplectoides emiliae  (Werner, 1916) is changed to Uroplectes emiliae (Werner, 1916)

All data about the distribution of Uroplectes fischeri (Karsch, 1879) in Ethiopia and Somalia are summarized. U. fischeri is fully illustrated with color photos of habitus and locality. Uroplectoides abyssinicus Lourenço, 1998 is discussed and synonymized with U. fischeri. Genus Uroplectoides Lourenço, 1998 is synonymized with Uroplectes Peters, 1861. Hemispermatophore of U. fischeri was extracted and illustrated for the first time. In addition to mor-phological analysis we also describe the karyotype of male U. fischeri from Ethiopia (2n=28).

Kovarik F, Lowe G, Hoferek D, Pliskova J, Stahlavsky F. Scorpions of Ethiopia. Part IV. Genus Uroplectes Peters, 1861 (Scorpiones : Buthidae). Euscorpius. 2016 (217):1-14. [Open Access]

Family Buthidae

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