23 February, 2016

The book "Fauna of India - Scorpions" is now available online


Tikader and Bastawade's major work on Indian scorpions, Fauna of India - Scorpions, is now freely available online. This major book was published in 1983, and has detailed, comprehensive descriptions and information about the species of scorpions known from India at that time.The book has been made available online by The Zoological Survey of India.

Since the publication of this book, the scorpion fauna of India has been updated, and also many taxonomical changes have been made. But the book is still an important source of information for those interested in India's interesting scorpion fauna.

Fauna of India - Scorpions online [Open Access ]

The whole series Fauna of India is also available online.

Tikader BK, Bastawade DB. Fauna of India. Scorpions. Calcutta: Zoological Survey of India; 1983. 670 p.

Thanks to Zeeshan Mirza for informing me about the online publishing of the Fauna of India!

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