27 January, 2016

The vaejovid Pseudouroctonus peccatum is rediscovered after habitat destruction

Richard Ayrey have recently published the result of several field trips to Spring Mountains, Nevada (USA) where the aim was to check the population status of the scorpion Pseudouroctonus peccatum Tate, Riddle, Soleglad & Graham, 2013. In spite of several fires that have destroyed much of the habitat of the species, several specimens were found indicating that Pseudouroctonus peccatum is still an extant species.

Shortly after the discovery of Pseudouroctonus peccatum Tate, Riddle, Soleglad et Graham, 2013 (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae) there was a large wildfire in the Spring Mountains of Nevada. At the time the species description was published, it was noted that the only known population of this species may have been extirpated by the fire and subsequent flooding of the type locality habitat (Tate et al. 2013). Today it is certain that the species has survived after the collection of 12 new specimens. Additional data on males are also presented.

Ayrey RF. Pseudouroctonus peccatum Tate et al., 2013, Rediscovered. Euscorpius. 2016 (214):1-5. [Open Access]

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