15 December, 2015

New data on Iurus dufoureius distribution in Greece

Sotiris Alexiou & Giannis Kofinas have recently published an article with new locations for Iurus dufoureius (Brullè, 1832) (Iuridae) in Peloponissos, Greece, expanding the known distribution of this large scorpion.

Iurus dufoureius is reported as new for Eparchia Mantinias and Eparchia Epidaurou Limiras. The habitus is imaged, habitats are discussed and an updated map of distribution is provided. A female specimen from Pigaza Cave raises questions about the taxonomic status of the scorpion populations of SE Peloponnisos and Kithira.

Alexiou S, Kofinas G. Closing the gaps: New remote localities of Iurus dufoureius (Scorpiones: Iuridae) from Peloponissos, Greece. Parnassiana Archives. 2015;3:19-24. [Open Access]

Thanks to Diego Facheris for sending me this article!

Family Iuridae

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