18 December, 2015

More comments on Pandinus and Pandinurus and a new species

Andrea Rossi has published another article on the scorpionid scorpions of West-, Central- and East-Africa in the genera Pandinus Thorell, 1876 and Pandinurus Fet, 1997. A new subgenus in Pandinurus and a new species is described from Somalia.

Pandipavesius Rossi, 2015 (new subgenus)

Pandinurus cianferonii Rossi 2015

The article provides updated identification keys for Pandinus and Pandinurus.

 New comments on the taxonomy of the genera Pandinus and Pandinurus are discussed. A new subgenus, Pandipavesius subgen. n., is proposed to accommodate three species of the genus Pandinurus from East Africa. A new species, Pandinurus (Pandinurus) cianferoni sp. n., is described from Somalia. An identification key for all subgenera and species of the genera Pandinus and Pandinurus is given.

Rossi A. Ulteriori commenti sulla tassonomia dei generi Pandinus e Pandinurus, con la definizione di un nuovo sottogenere ed una nuova specie di Pandinurus dalla Somalia. Arachnida - Rivista Aracnologica Italiana. 2015;1(4):41-55.

Thanks to Dr. Rossi for sending me his article!

Family Scorpionidae

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