08 December, 2015

A new species in the enigmatic genus Chiromachetes from India

I'm a great fan of the scorpions in the family Hormuridae after having kept a colony of parthenogenetic Liocheles australasiae (Fabricius, 1775) for more than 15 years. It is therefore great to see new species described in this special family. Zeeshan Mirza and co-workers have recently described a new species in the enigmatic genus Chiromachetes Pocock, 1899 (Hormuridae) from Western Ghats in India.

Chiromachetes sahyadriensis Mirza, Sanap & Zambre, 2015

The article has an unpdated identification key for the genus.

A new species of hormurid scorpion is described from the Western Ghats of India. Chiromachetes sahyadriensis sp. nov. differs from other members of this genus in the following set of characters: medium sized scorpions, total length reaching 62.9 mm, carapace flat, three pairs of lateral eyes, manus length/width ratio in males 4.6–4.8 and 3.4 in females, tarsi of leg ventrally with three spinoid setae at the base of tarsi. Dentate margin of pedipalp manus finger with two rows of granules fused at base. Pectines 8–9 in males, 6–8 in females. Lamellar hook positioned distinctly in basal half of hemispermatophore in proximity to the lamellae.

Mirza Z, Sanap R, Zambre A. A New Species of the Enigmatic Genus Chiromachetes Pocock, 1899 (Scorpiones: Hormuridae) from Western Ghats, India, with a Key to the Genus. Euscorpius. 2015 (212):1-10. [Open Access]

Family Hormuridae

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