25 March, 2014

Two new species of Pandinus from East and Central Africa

After many decades of neglect, the genus Pandinus Thorell, 1876 (Scorpionidae) has again gained  by scientists. Kovarik, 2009 provided a complete revision of the genus, and now Andrea Rossi has published two new species from East and Central Africa.

Pandinus nistriae Rossi, 2014 (Djibouti)

Pandinus ulderigoi Rossi, 2014 (Central African Republic)

New distributional data are provided for a couple of species in the genus. An updated identification key for the subgenera Pandinus and Pandinurus is presented.

A synopsis about the distribution of Pandinus (Pandinus) Thorell, 1876 and Pandinus (Pandinurus) Fet, 1997 is proposed. Two new species are described: Pandinus nistriae sp. n. from Djibouti and Pandinus ulderigoi sp. n. from Central African Republic. Pandinus nistriae sp. n. is also the first record of the genus Pandinus and the family Scorpionidae from Djibouti. The description of Pandinus ulderigoi sp. n. confirms the presence of this genus in Central African Republic, although the exact localities remain unknown. In addition, new localities are reported for Pandinus ugandaensis Kovařík, 2011 in Uganda and Pandinus gambiensis Pocock, 1899 in Mali. An identification key and an updated check-list of all the species of the subgenera Pandinus and Pandinurus are given.

Rossi A. Notes on the distribution of Pandinus (Pandinus) Thorell, 1876 and Pandinus (Pandinurus) Fet, 1997 with the descriptions of two new species from Central African Republic. Onychium. 2014;10 (2013):10-31.

Thanks to Andrea Rossi for sending me his article!

Family Scorpionidae

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