06 March, 2014

A review of the genus Isometrus

A beatiful, unidentified Isometrus species from India. Photo. Aamod Zambre (C).
After a long break, I'm back going through Kovarik & Ojanguren Affilastro's new book Illustrated Catalog of Scorpions, Part II. Bothriuridae; Chaerilidae; Buthidae I., genera Compsobuthus, Hottentotta, Isometrus, Lychas and Sassanidotus and here is the fourth taxonomical update from the book.

Taxonomical changes in Isometrus Ehrenberg, 1828 (Buthidae):

 New species:

Isometrus feti Kovarik, 2013 (Indonesia)

Isometrus jendeki Kovarik, 2013 (Malaysia)

Isometrus neradi Kovarik, 2013 (Thailand)


Isometrus haninanensis Lourenco, 2005 is synonymized with I. petrzelkai Kovarík, 2003

Isometrus lao Lourenco & Leguin, 2012 is synonymized with I. petrzelkai Kovarík, 2003

The species I. atherii Amir & Kamaluddin, 2008 and I. liaqatii Amir & Kamaluddin, 2008 are not mentioned i Kovarik's review. I'm not sure why. Personally, I think these taxa should be considered nomen dubium as it is possible to raise questions on the quality of the article describing them (e. g. the picture of the new species probably showing a specimens belonging to another genera). The two species will be listed as normal in The Scorpion Files until anyone publish a formal change of status for them.

The chapter on Isometrus has a section on observations on captive specimens in the genus.

An identification key for the genus is provided.

Kovarik F. Family Buthidae. In: Kovarik F, Ojanguren Affilastro AA, editors. Illustrated catalogue of scorpions Part II Bothriuridae: Buthidae I, genera Compsobuthus, Hottentotta, Isometrus, Lychas and Sassanidotus. Prague: Clarion Productions; 2013. p. 145-212.

Family Buthidae

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