13 March, 2014

A new species of Chactas from Peru

A new species of Chactas Gervais, 1844 has been described from Peru.
Andrea Rossi has recently described a new species of Chactas Gervais, 1844 (Chactidae) from Peru.

Chactas adornellae Rossi, 2014

The paper have an identification key for species in the genus from Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.

Although the presence of the genus Chactas Gervais, 1844 in Peru was reported by MELLO-LEITÃO (1945), this record remained confused and not confirmed until LOURENÇO & DASTYCH (2001) discovered two specimens from Central Peru (respectively from the regions of Ucayali and Pasco) and described them as a new species: Chactas koepckei Lourenço & Dastych, 2001. In the present work, a second species, Chactas adornellae sp. n., based on a single male specimen, is described from Satipo Province, in the Junín region, where scorpions of the genus Chactas were never regarded. Chactas adornellae sp. n. represents the most southern species of the genus. An identification key of Chactas species from Brazil, Ecuador and Peru is proposed.

Rossi A. On the genus Chactas Gervais, 1844 in Peru with the description of a new species (Scorpiones: Chactidae). Onychium. 2014;10 (2013):3-9.

Thanks to Andrea Rossi for sending me his article!

Family Chactidae

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