29 August, 2012

New book: Scorpions of Cuba

Rolando Teruel and Frantisek Kovarik have published a new book, Scorpions of Cuba. Here is information about the book:

A new book in English by Rolando Teruel and Frantisek Kovarik. The island of Cuba hosts the most diverse scorpion fauna per area, and this book is the result of its long-range studies. Treated are all 54 species in the form of keys, comments on morphology,  habitats and distribution maps, 636 color photos depicting preseved as well as live specimens, their mating, parental care and localities, and presented are descriptions of two new taxa - Cryptoiclus rodriguezi gen. et sp. n. (Diplocentrinae) and Microtityus pusillus sp. n.
More information on the book can be obtained at http://kovarex.com/scorpio/, where 11 selected pages give an idea about the internal arrangement and appearance of the publication. The book can be ordered directly from the second author at kovarik.scorpio@gmail.com. The price is 60 euros (75 USD), which includes postage.

I have not seen the book yet, but I'm quite sure it will be great. I will write a review of the book as soon as I get it.

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