08 August, 2012

Ecology of Microtityus jaumei in Cuba

Franklyn Cala-Riquelme and Marco Colombo have published a study on the ecology of the small scorpion Microtityus jaumei Armas, 1974 (Buthidae) in Sierra de Canasta in Cuba.

An assessment of the population dynamics of Microtityus jaumei Armas (Scorpiones: Buthidae) on the slopes south of Sierra de Canasta, Guantánamo Province, Cuba show an increase in activity over the year (≤ 0.05). The activity peak is related to the reproductive period from June to November. The abundance of scorpions was significantly related to density of the canopy and thickness of the substrate.

Cala-Riquelme F, Colombo M. Ecology of the scorpion, Microtityus jaumei in Sierra de Canasta, Cuba. Journal of Insect Science (Tucson). 2011;11(Article 86):1-10. [Free full text]

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