01 August, 2012

A new Centruroides species from San Andres Island, Columbia

Luis de Armas and co-workers have described a new species of Centruroides Marx, 1890 (Buthidae) from the island of San Andres, Columbia.

Centruroides sanandres Armas, Sarmiento & Florez, 2012

The distribution of the genus Centruroides in Columbia is also discussed and the presence of C. gracilis in Columbia (Latreille, 1804) is confirmed. A identification key for the genus in Colombia is given.

A new species of the genus Centruroides Marx, 1890 is described fram San Andres Island, and the presence in Colombia of C. gracilis (Latreille, 1804), possibly by introduction, is confirmed. New data on C. margaritatus (Gervais, 1841) and C. edwardsii (Gervais, 1843) are given, and a key is provided for the identitication of the four Colombian species belonging to this genus.

de Armas LF, Sarmiento DL, Florez D E. Composicion de genero Centruroides Marx, 1890 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) en Colombia, con la descripcion de una nueva especie. Boletin de la SEA. 2012(50):105-14.

Family Buthidae

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