11 July, 2012

Three new Pandinus from East Africa and a revision of the subgenus Pandinurus

Frantisek Kovarik his continuing his revision of the genus Pandinus Thorell, 1876 (Scorpionidae). He has now published a revision of the subgenus Pandinurus Fet, 1997 from East Africa. Three new species are described and one species is raised to species level from synonymization.

Pandinus awashensis Kovarik, 2012 (new species from Ethiopia)
Pandinus lowei Kovarik, 2012 (new species from Democratic Republic of Congo)
Pandinus somalilandus Kovarik, 2012 (new species from Somaliland)
Pandinus sudanicus Hirst, 1911 (raised to species status from synonymization with P. magrettii, 1901)

The paper has several high quality color photos of scorpions and habitats and also an updated key for the subgenus.

Pandinus (Pandinurus) awashensis sp. n. from Ethiopia, P. (P.) somalilandus sp. n. from Somaliland, and P. (P.) lowei sp. n. from Democratic Republic of Congo are described and compared with other species of the subgenus. P. (P.) sudanicus Hirst, 1911 stat. n. previously considered a synonym of P. (P.) magrettii Borelli, 1901 is recognized as a valid species. New data on taxonomic characters and distribution of the subgenus Pandinurus are presented. Also presented are a map of distribution, photos of the localities and a key to species using hitherto unpublished characters of the tarsomere spination formula and sexual dimorphism.

Kovarik, F.(2012). Review of the subgenus Pandinurus Fet, 1997 with descriptions of three new species (Scorpiones, Scorpionidae, Pandinus). Euscorpius (141):1-22. [Free full text]

Family Scorpionidae

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