20 July, 2012

Many scorpion articles published in Boletin de la S.E.A. is now available online

The journal Boletin de la S.E.A. published by Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa (S.E.A.) regularly publish scorpion articles. The publisher has now made all articles published in the last six year freely available on their website. See message from editor Antonio Melic:

Dear Colleagues,

In the last 6 years the journal Boletín de la S.E.A. has published about 200
articles and papers on arachnology.

A complete index of all published articles (about 200: Vol. 37-49, October
2005 - December 2011) is available on the website of the SEA.
The articles include descriptions of 133 new taxa (including several genera
and 72 n. sp. of Scorpions, 5 genera and 15 new species of Schizomida, news
Araneae, Amblypygi, Thelyphonida, Solifugae, etc..).
Several studies dealing with ecology, biology, fauna, ethnology... on
All items can be viewed in pdf format.


With warm regards

Antonio Melic
Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa (S.E.A.)
Avda. Radio Juventud, 37
50012 Zaragoza (España)

A great initiative from S.E.A.!

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