20 July, 2012

A new Buthoscorpio from India

Wilson Lourenco has described a new species of Buthoscorpio Werner, 1936 (Buthidae) from India. The genus' status so for is also discussed, including a redescription of B. sarasinorum (Karsch, 1891).

Buthoscorpio indicus Lourenco, 2012

Considerations regarding the taxonomy and distribution of the species belonging to the genus Buthoscorpio Werner, 1936 are proposed. A revised redescription is proposed for Buthoscorpio sarasinorum (Karsch, 1891) and a new species, Buthoscorpio indicus sp. n., is described from north-central India. Even with the description of this new species, Buthoscorpio remains a very enigmatic genus with a limited range of distribution in India and Sri Lanka. The total number of known species in this genus is raised to four: three in India and one in Sri Lanka.

Lourenco WR. Further taxonomic considerations on the genus Buthoscorpio Werner, 1936 (Scorpiones, Buthidae), with description of a new species from India. Boletin de la SEA. 2012(50):187-92.

Thanks to professor Lourenco and Gerard Dupre for both sending me this paper!

Family Buthidae

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