11 August, 2011

A new Diplocentrus from Mexico

Contreras-Felix and Santibanez-Lopez have described a new species in Diplocentrus Peters, 1861 from Jalisco, Mexico.

Diplocentrus bicolor Contreras-Felix & Santibanez-Lopez, 2011 (Scorpionidae)

Diplocentrus bicolor sp. n. from Huejuquilla el Alto, in northern Jalisco and two nearby localities in Zacatecas is described. It is compared to its geographically closer species from Zacatecas, Aguascalientes and Nayarit. A map with its known distribution is provided.

Contreras-Felix G, Santibanez-Lopez CE. Diplocentrus bicolor sp. n. (Scorpiones: Diplocentridae) from Jalisco, Mexico. Zootaxa. 2011(2992):61-8. [free fulltext?]

Thanks to dr. Santibanez-Lopez for sending me this paper!

Family Scorpionidae

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