15 August, 2011

Growth and longevity in Nebo hierochonticus

Professor M. R. Warburg has published an interesting article where he discuss the problems of researching growth and longevity in scorpions. In the paper he presents results of own long term studies of Nebo hierochonticus Simon, 1872 (Scorpionidae) in captivity. Interestingly, female N. hierochonticus can at least reach 18 years (and maybe longer because the specimens was alive when Warburg studies were ended).

During a long-term study of scorpions, it was possible to follow for 15 years the growth (increase in mass) in the laboratory of adult Nebo hierochonticus (Simon, 1875). The groth rate is highest during the first years (0.75 g/yr), dropping with age to 0.1 g/yr. During this long captivity period it also became possible to study their longevity. Longevity of two females was 15 and 18 years. Problems involved in the various methods used to assess growth and to estimate longevity are discussed.

Warburg MR. Growth and longevity of Nebo hierochonticus in the laboratory: a long term study (Scorpiones, Diplocentridae). Bull Br Arach Soc. 2011;15(5):168-72.

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