03 August, 2011

A new Centruroides from Honduras

Rolando Teruel has recently described a new Centruroides (Buthidae) from Honduras:

Centruroides hirsuticauda Teruel, 2011

A identification key for the genus in Honduras is provided.

A new species of the genus Centruroides Marx 1890 is herein described from the west-central region of Honduras, which has been previously confused with Centruroides margaritatus (Gervais 1841). This species can be distinguished from the remaining members of the "margariatus" group by its relatively small size and the abundant metasomal setation, among other features. A key for the identification of the four Honduran members of this group is included.

Teruel R. Una nueva especie de Centruroides Marx 1890 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) de Honduras, America Central. Boletin de la SEA. 2011(48):61-6.

Family Buthidae

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