23 June, 2010

A sting accident caused by Rhopalurus agamemmon

Reuber Albuquerque Brandao and Renata Dias Francoso have published a paper describing a sting accident involving Rhopalurus agamemmon (Koch, 1839) (Buthidae).

The paper is in Portuguese, but with an English abstract.

Accidents caused by scorpions are a serious public health problem in Brazil. Rhopalurus agamemnon is a large scorpion found in the Cerrado (savanna) biome, and it is very abundant in many localities in central Brazil. The species inhabits open savanna environments, and is common inside termite mounds. However, it disappears from places where the native vegetation has been removed. The accidents reported present moderate symptoms of envenoming, but are based on questionable identifications. Here, we present a report on an accident that was certainly caused by Rhopalurus agamemnon. We conclude that the few reports available do not make it possible to evaluate the severity of such accidents and the possible risk to public health from this scorpion.

Brandao RA, Francoso RD. Acidente por Rhopalurus agamemnon (Koch, 1839) (Scorpiones, Buthidae). Rev Soc Bras Med Trop. 2010 Jun;43(3):342-4. [Free fulltext - The paper is at the end of the page under the Case Report section]

Family Buthidae

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